A Post-Coronavirus Entertainment World Will Not Be ‘Business as Usual’

Trey Williams

Hollywood and the entertainment industry face an existential crisis: There’s no certainty that when the clearance is given for theaters to reopen and concerts and sporting events to resume that consumers will flock back to those often crowded spaces. Two questions persist as we enter our fourth week of coronavirus-forced shutdowns: When will this all be over? And what does a world post COVID-19 even look like? “If you think about in terms of the behaviors of people, this is an unprecedented event,” UCLA social sciences dean Darnell Hunt said. “Just by the sheer impact of this, I can’t imagine that things go back to business as usual… clearly culture has been affected.” The sentiment is widespread. Actor Kumail Nanjiani wrote on Twitter as most people entered week three of self-isolating, that he couldn’t imagine shaking another hand once the pandemic subsides. It may have been a joke, or a slight exaggeration, but what it isn’t is an outrageous nor frivolous thing to say. Also Read: Celebrities Who Have Died From the Coronavirus (Photos) Hollywood has all but punted on the pivotal summer movie season. With the novel coronavirus continuing to spread in the U.S., movie theaters are forced to remain closed...

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