Post-Kanye, Trump says 'we're going to get the African-American vote'

President Trump has a dream.

One day after rapper Kanye West, wearing a red “Make America Great” hat, delivered an incoherent rant in the Oval Office, Trump again set his sights on the long-shot goal of winning the African-American vote.

“I think we’re going to get the African-American vote,” Trump said Friday in Lebanon, Ohio, the second campaign rally the president has held since Hurricane Michael barreled into the Florida panhandle, devastating coastal communities before continuing its deadly rampage across the South.

“Kanye West, what he did was pretty amazing yesterday,” Trump said with a chuckle. “Pretty amazing.”

As he does at every one of his rallies, Trump noted that African-American unemployment is at a historic low. While that claim is true in the post-slavery period, the downward trend began under President Barack Obama.

Speaking before a disproportionately white audience, Trump added that for “over 100 years” Democrats “have lied to African-Americans,” and that, thanks to his administration’s successful economic policies, blacks are waking up and embracing him.

Kanye West and Donald Trump. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Evan Vucci/AP)

“We’re asking all African-American voters to honor us with their support this November. Get away from the Democrats. Get away from the Democrats, they’ve done nothing,” Trump said.

During a Thursday morning interview on “Fox & Friends,” Trump noted Kanye’s appeal with African-Americans.

“When Kanye came out very strongly a number of months ago, something happened. My polls went up like 25 percent,” Trump said, adding, “He’s got a big following in the African-American community, a big, big following.”

An ABC News-Washington Post poll released at the end of September found that just 3 percent of African-Americans approved of Trump’s job performance. Whereas a right-leaning Rasmussen Reports survey taken on Oct. 12 put the number at a whopping 36 percent.


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