Postcards From New York

Leigh Scheps talks about the latest Broadway performances being offered virtually.

Video Transcript

LEIGH SCHEPS: When will the curtain go back up on Broadway? Well we still don't know yet. So while we wait for live theater to resume indoors, here's a good roundup of shows you can still watch at home. Up with the curtain on old Broadway shows newly available to watch online. Christopher Durang's comedy, Vanya and Sonja and Masha and Spike, starring Kristin Nelson, David Hyde Pierce, and Sigourney Weaver won best play in 2012.

The best part? It's free to watch through April 11 on the platform Broadway on Demand. To get a link to it, visit In honor of Women's History Month, let's highlight the women of Broadway and those who make music in the musical theater industry.

- (SINGING) Suddenly the sunlight

LEIGH SCHEPS: Here's a sneak peek of some of the performances you'll see during Amplify 2021, a concert featuring extraordinary women musicians and singers. Kate, this is your directorial debut I believe.

- It is. How is that? Terrifying, because I don't know what I'm doing. I really don't know.

LEIGH SCHEPS: That is not true. Let's not undersell yourself. You're doing a beautiful job.

- I was the person who raised my hand and said, well, I think I know how to do a virtual fundraiser. I've been a part of so many during this pandemic. (SINGING) But I can't turn this thing around if I'm alone. I've been a singer, I've been on camera promoting other not for profits. So I think I have an idea about how this is supposed to go.

LEIGH SCHEPS: The concert aims to raise money and awareness for Maestra Music, the non-profit organization founded by composer Georgia Stitt that provides support for the female non-binary and gender nonconforming music makers in the industry. Do you think this past year and a half at home has helped elevate Maestra and some of these musicians?

- It's really interesting that you would say that, because in a strange way yes. I mean what hasn't helped is that so many of them have been out of work for a year. It's just this very challenging time.

LEIGH SCHEPS: Now what's really cool about this benefit is that there are some posts show exclusive opportunities to hobnob with some of the stars from the Cher show, Mean Girls, and The Prom. With donations encouraged to the Monday, March 29th show at 8:00 PM Eastern, visit Celebrate the 110th birthday of legendary playwright Tennessee Williams with a production of The Night of the Iguana. The play stars Dylan McDermott and Phylicia Rashad. Tickets start at $15 and streams until March 28th on the platform Stellar.

- (SINGING) Oh yeah, I love you.

LEIGH SCHEPS: Enter the musical Super You. It became the first theatrical show to safely perform live during the pandemic as a drive-in concert on the backs of five pickup trucks. Catch the show through April 1st on the platform Broadway on Demand for $3.95.

Now how about a unique variety show called Rise Up with the Arts? There'll be performances from stars of So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. Plus the show features cast members from Broadway's Chicago and Moulin Rouge. Tickets priced at $27 to benefit the Actors Fund and the Theater Support Fund are available at The show streams for 48 hours on World Theater Day, Saturday March 27th. Happy watching. I'm Leigh Scheps for CBSN.