Posted Up - What is Chet Holmgren’s ceiling in the NBA?

Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Krysten Peek joins the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” podcast to discuss the Gonzaga big man’s outlook at the pro level and why he could give some of the game’s current stars problems.

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Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: You saw a lot of these players for four or five, even six years, before even getting to this point. So I want to pick your brain on just how would you evaluate a player's ceiling? Talk about Chet right now. Like, what is his ceiling? What do you think he can materialize into in the NBA?

KRYSTEN PEEK: For Chet, it's so funny because we've seen him be successful at every single level against all the odds. I mean, I probably asked him several times, what do you say to the critics that say you're too skinny. You can't bang down low. Your game doesn't translate to the next level. And he's very honest. He said, I would tell those people that you've never seen me play an entire full game of basketball.

And you've just watched highlights on the internet. And you don't know how much work I put into this. You're not looking at my footwork around the rim and the way I move my hips and try to position myself to my advantage. And I've had NBA scouts. They've told me-- because I've asked them, I said, who does Chet guard at the next level?

And they counter to me, forget about who he guards. Who guards him? Who-- [INAUDIBLE], like, Chet is taking him off the dribble every single time because he's got the footwork to do that, and the size, and the length, with his seven foot five wingspan to scoop shots over the top of defenses.

CHRIS HAYNES: OK, all right. So we're talking definitely a potential all-star from year to year, definitely.