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Posted Up - Will the Nets miss a beat without Spencer Dinwiddie?

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA insider Chris Haynes and NBA writer Seerat Sohi connected on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast to discuss the partially torn ACL for the Brooklyn guard and who could be on the way to provide some help for one of the Eastern Conference favorites. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: While you were talking about the Brooklyn Nets, you said, the team is pretty much-- they basically stacked. You don't think they're missing anything. And you're wrong. They're missing somebody.

They're missing Spencer Dinwiddie now. Big blow-- he was their starter, somebody who was putting up 20 before Kyrie and KD got there. So where do they go from here and how much, you know, does that diminish the team that you said wasn't missing anything before?

SEERAT SOHI: Like, you have Kyrie. You have KD. You have Caris. You have guys that can create shots. I'm not too worried about what it means for them in the regular season, right?


SEERAT SOHI: I don't know how long Spencer is going to be out for. It says, a partially torn ACL. I'm sure we'll find out more about that. If he can be back for the playoffs, that's great. If not, there's still-- this is still a pretty stacked team. That's not to disparage Spencer by any means. He's a great player and they're obviously going to miss him. But they still just have so much.

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah. And I will say this. I don't know-- I don't know if the Nets feel like they have to do anything, as far as roster shakeups or roster moves--


CHRIS HAYNES: --like in the near future. But a guy who was supposed to be on this roster, and that's Jamal Crawford. Jamal had-- what, he had some-- he had a hamstring injury during the bubble. And that kind of hampered what he was able to do in the offseason. But he's somebody that they're still talking to, having conversations.

So he can be somebody that they they pick up. Not to say that Jamal Crawford-- I look at-- I see the face. I see the smirk that you putting out there, Seerat. I'm not saying that he's going to come in and be a replacement for Spencer Dinwiddie. But he's still somebody who can still put the ball in the basket, you know, maybe at limited-- in a limited capacity.