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Posted Up - Thaddeus Young on Spurs: ‘We’re not in a contending situation’

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The San Antonio Spurs forward joined the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast to discuss his time with the team this season.

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Video Transcript

CHRIS HAYNES: You're in San Antonio right now. Obviously--


CHRIS HAYNES: --it's a different situation for you right there. What was your expectations before the season started about how you were going to be able to fit and what was going to be your role?

THADDEUS YOUNG: My thing is I just wanted to try to get to if I was going to be traded [INAUDIBLE] to get to a contending situation. With this organization and this franchise, we're not in a continuing situation. we're Going to compete, and we're going to try to contend and try to do things.

But we're in a rebuilding situation. You know, that's not ideal for a guy, you know, who just came off a really good season going into his 15th season to, you know, go into another rebuild. I don't mind playing through rebuilds and stuff like that, but one thing about it is I'm not getting younger.


THADDEUS YOUNG: You know, I'm getting older. And at some point, you know, I want to start contending for championships, you know? I haven't been in any situation where I've been able to contend for a championship.

But you know, while I'm here, it's not saying that I'm not going to give 100%. Like, I'm a part of the Spurs organization. And when I say that, I say that with pride.

I'm not one foot in and one foot out. I'm here. Whenever I've stepped on the court, my teammates can always count on me to be there for them. You know, for me, I'm just not continue to just continue to play when I do play, continue to grind each and every day, and continue to just bring my work habits and my work ethic to the gym each and every day.

CHRIS HAYNES: Per 36 minutes, if you were to average 36 minutes a game, your numbers equate to 15.7 points, 8.7 rebounds, shooting 56% from the field, which shows that you haven't lost anything. It shows that you're still productive.

It's just the fact that you have a limited role, and that's it. I bring that up to say that your name last couple of weeks, and I think we're going to grow to expect this, has been in trade rumors. You mentioned, you know, you want to play for a contender. Is there an agreement or something like, hey, if something makes sense, we'll do good for the both of us? Like, what is that-- what's being ironed out?

THADDEUS YOUNG: I mean, you know, for me, you know, whatever happens happened. I'm prepared either way. You know, if I have to finish the season out as a San Antonio Spur, I'm fine with that.

If I don't, then, you know, I'm prepared to go wherever I need to go or-- and try to, you know, make the best of whatever situation that I'm in. I only control what I can control. And that's the time that I am given when I'm out there on the court.

CHRIS HAYNES: You know, you're a free agent at the end of this season. If the trade deadline were to pass, is a buyout an option? Or will you cross that bridge when you get to that?

THADDEUS YOUNG: I think I'm a just cross that bridge when we get there. Like, things can shift. You know, obviously, like, there's a pecking order when, you know, trades come. You know, everybody is talking about, you know, right now the Ben Simmons [INAUDIBLE], you know? If that happens, then it might be a trickle down effect.


THADDEUS YOUNG: So like I said, I don't think about those things. I just think about, you know, when I do get time, [INAUDIBLE].

CHRIS HAYNES: But that, fans will say, well, why is he complaining? He's making such and such amount of money. There's guys in the league that are hoopers.

THADDEUS YOUNG: At this point, at this point, it's not about that.

CHRIS HAYNES: It's not-- It's not-- and why? Why is that that? Why is that that?

THADDEUS YOUNG: I mean, I mean, I've done very well for myself. I've had, what, four basketball contracts? So you know, for me to be able to do that and, you know, and-- and make really good money, you know, I've done well for myself. And at this point in time, the next phase is, you know, continuing to have longevity, continuing to be consistent, and to try to compete for championships.

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