Potential juror for Chauvin trial discusses racism

Questioning of potential jurors resumed Wednesday in the trial of Derrick Chauvin. A potential Black juror who expressed negative views about the Minneapolis Police Department said George Floyd was an example of another Black man "killed" by police. (March 17)

Video Transcript

- You know, it's sad. It's another Black man being murdered in police hands.

ERIC NELSON: What are the specific reasons that you would want to be on the jury.

- Because, me as a Black man, you see a lot of Black people get killed, and no one's held accountable for it. And you wonder why or what was the decisions, and so with this maybe I'll be in the room to know why.

I stay right around in the area where this happened, this incident happened. And so on numerous occasions, you know, if someone in the area got shot or someone went to jail, I mean, you know, it was known for, like, the police to ride through the neighborhood when another one bites the dust, and you know, and it's like they just, like, they antagonize us. Being a Black man in America, I experience racism on a day to day basis.