Potential scam circulates La Grande area

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Jul. 19—LA GRANDE — A potential scam item has appeared in mailboxes around La Grande advertising an online app called Nextdoor EOU. Eastern Oregon University reports that it has no affiliation with the letter campaign or the company it promotes.

The letter is generically addressed to "neighbors" with street names around La Grande. At the bottom, the letter is endorsed by different names depending on where the letter was mailed. It encourages recipients to use the site to share information regarding business recommendations, virtual clubs and other community matters.

According to Eastern Oregon University Public Relations Specialist Vicky Hart, the university does not associate with the letters and advises caution when distributing personal information on the internet.

La Grande Police Chief Gary Bell says the police department is looking into the letter campaign, but suggests caution when engaging with solicitation unless it can be verified as legitimate. He recommends the Oregon Department of Justice web page as a resource for consumer protection.

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