A potentially ‘serious’ milk issue caused a nationwide recall of vanilla cupcakes

David J. Neal
·1 min read

Three lots of Divvies Vanilla Cupcakes with vanilla icing or chocolate icing have been recalled nationwide after an ingredient mix snafu created a food allergy issue.

The vegan cupcakes don’t have nuts. They’re also not supposed to have milk or eggs, but Divvies said in its FDA-posted recall notice that “an ingredient containing milk and eggs had gotten into the ingredient mix which is used specifically for the vanilla cupcakes.”

For those with a milk allergy or egg allergy, eating these cupcakes “runs the risk of a serious or life-threatening reaction...,” the alert states.

Divvies Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing.
Divvies Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing.

This cover lot Nos. VV303-1, VV304-1 and VC309-1. They can be returned to the store or purchase site for a full refund.

People with questions can call Divvies at 203-989-3173.

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