Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skin Care Gets Big Honor From Time Magazine

Pittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood talks with Ulli Haslacher, the founder of Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skin Care, about being named a best invention of 2020 by Time Magazine.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back. President Ronald Reagan officially declared a day in February to honor inventors. He chose the birth date of Thomas Edison because he's known as maybe America's greatest inventor. In fact, he had more than 1,000 patents.

- And Ulli Haskacher has been awarded many patents too. Maybe not 1,000, but many. For her invention, they say, is clinically proven to keep us all looking younger.

MIKEY HOOD: Good morning, guys. Pittsburgh is an innovative place, known for several inventions including the polio vaccine and the banana split. But what you might not know, while it wasn't invented here, Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skin Care is specifically made for people living in our climates.

ULLI HASKACHER: Skin care by climate has never been done before.

MIKEY HOOD: But Ulli discovered a way to treat our skin based on where we live.

ULLI HASKACHER: Medical research has proven that your skin biochemically changes in different climates. The way of-- how it stays hydrated, how it stays moisturized.

MIKEY HOOD: Ulli discovered the concept as she traveled the world with her dad, she calls a mentor, who planted the seed for the Pour Moi Smart Skin Care line.

ULLI HASKACHER: My dad was introducing a new technology in paint, called powder coating. So I was seven years old when I already knew that a surface is hugely impacted by the climate and differently in different climates.

MIKEY HOOD: Climate Smart Skin Care is an idea so novel, Time Magazine just named Pour Moi as best invention of 2020 in the beauty category. Ulli says she will keep working to bring quality products to the market.

ULLI HASKACHER: These are our two best sellers right now in Pittsburgh. It's the Polar Day Cream because you have freezing temperatures out there. And you start out with-- you pair it with our Black Serum, specifically formulated for aerate air. Since it's so dry still out, you know, February, March, April.

MIKEY HOOD: The duo, originally $100, is now at an introductory price of $70 with free shipping.

- I think that we need to see those hands one more time.

ULLI HASKACHER: Here we go. On this hand, I use Climate Smart Skin Care. And on this hand, just a regular moisturizer. And you know, it's a generation of a difference.

MIKEY HOOD: It's so great to see Ulli and her product, Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skin Care, added to the list of such revolutionary inventions. I'm Mickey Hood for PTO. Stay beautiful.

- And thanks to Mikey. And of course, whenever we talk with Ulli, it's fun to hear her [? mythbusters, ?] when she sets the record straight on beauty facts or falsehoods. So much so that we even got our own buzzers.

- Yeah, we like to get out our buzzers for this specifically. So--


Yeah, there we go! Here's Ulli with today's mythbuster.

ULLI HASKACHER: I got a wonderful question from one of the viewers. "Having just celebrated Valentine's Day, Ulli, is it true that when you're in love your skin looks better?" So what do you think? True or myth busted? Oh, it's breaking my heart.


It's a myth busted. Unfortunately, you know, you-- love makes so much, conquers so much, but it doesn't conquer the signs of aging. So what you need to do is to love your skin and give it the treatment and, you know, the attention that it needs every day in the climate you are in.

- All right thanks, Ulli.