The Pour-Over Coffee Maker Everyone Loves on Amazon Is Now Less Than $20

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Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

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We’re proud to bring this gifty but also personal item to your attention, because it was nominated as one of “Customers’ Most-Loved Gifts” on Amazon and is now slapped with a super noice 32 percent discount. This item is none other than Bodum’s pour-over coffee maker that guarantees an opulent-tasting carafe.

Pour-over coffee is either finally trending or making its well-deserved comeback—we don’t know which—and it's all about the ritual of making coffee the slow, careful way. So if you’re all about that pour-over life, or are just love purchasing kitchen products, or in need of a gift, take a closer look.

You can say goodbye to the flavor-sapping paper filters with this glass carafe coffee maker, as it has a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter instead. It promises to retain the natural oil of your ground coffee and allow the pure nuances of flavor to unfold. Just take your time to reel it in. And it comes with a measuring spoon and removable cork to make cleaning a breeze. For an easy brew, fill the filter with ground coffee, pour hot water over it until it's soaked, then add the remaining water and watch the coffee drip down. In three to four minutes, voila, it’s ready to serve.

To complete your servings, consider JoyJolt’s espresso mugs, now on a 29 percent sale. Bodum’s pour-over coffee maker preserves the coffee aroma, and these double-walled thermal glasses safeguard the espresso heat for quite a duration, while keeping the surface cool for your hands. Not to mention the optical effect you get out of them: Caffeine suspended in mid-air.

Now that the holiday season is coming, you can’t go wrong with gifting this bundle of a pour-over coffee maker and two espresso mugs, both discounted for a thorough coffee-drinking package. And if you yourself are on the fence about investing in any coffee maker or switching over to the pour-over life, give Bodum’s coffee maker a go. It will surely convince you.

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