Powder Springs bans pets in parks during city events

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Jul. 15—Pets will no longer be allowed in Powder Springs parks during official city events, such as concerts or festivals, the city announced Thursday.

During non-event times, however, pets are allowed in city parks.

Effective Saturday, the ban does not affect pet-friendly events, such as "Bark in the Park," or service animals, according to a city news release.

"The decision follows a recent incident involving two dogs where one attacked the other," the release said. "Also of concern were possible reaction by animals to loud noises such as musical performers or fireworks displays, or distress caused by large crowds."

Powder Springs resident Cindy Butler, a dog owner, believes the decision was ill-informed and forced responsible pet owners to sacrifice their time and enjoyment with their pets in public parks.

"I just think it's unfair and discriminating against the responsible pet owners," Butler said. "When they made the park, we paid taxes for it thinking that this would be another wonderful thing our pet could enjoy with us ... there should be equal access in a way that works for everyone."

Erin Erman, a fellow Powder Springs resident and dog owner, viewed the ban differently than Butler: she said the ban is necessary because there are some places and events where bringing pets is simply not appropriate.

"I was at the Powder Springs Seafood Festival and the Fourth of July event, and it's unsafe for the animals. We saw lots of pseudo-aggressive behavior, dogs overwhelmed with the crowds," Erman said. "I wish people had common sense not to take their dogs where it's hot, loud or scary."

The ban will take effect in time for the first show in the city's "Sounds of the Springs Concert Series," which features a Bruno Mars tribute band.

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