Powder Springs to consider $500 payment to vax'd employees

·1 min read

Sep. 30—The Powder Springs City Council is considering whether to reward its vaccinated workers with a $500 check.

The payout would apply to all 76 workers on the city payroll, and is retroactive to employees who have already been vaccinated. City Manager Pam Conner, who advanced the idea, has proposed using federal aid dollars received by the city to cover the costs.

Powder Springs hasn't polled its workers on the percentage of them who are vaccinated, per spokesperson Jon Gargis. But the text of the resolution says, "the City finds it in the interest of public health, safety and welfare and a safe work environment to incentivize employees to become fully vaccinated."

Employees will be asked to submit proof of vaccination to the city's human resources director to receive the payment.

According to the minutes of a Sept. 15 work session, Mayor Al Thurman and a majority of the City Council were on board with the proposal and recommended it advance to a vote. The council will vote on the measure at its regular meeting Monday at 7 p.m.

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