Power Outages Cause Major Disruptions At London Luton Airport

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London Luton Airport experienced power outages which caused major disruptions for travelers. On Sunday morning, a power cut caused havoc with flights delayed or diverted as far as Europe.

It was reported that after a power cut caused by a lightning strike, morning flights were heavily disrupted. Passengers who were due to fly out were advised to contact their airlines while those already with flights in progress were diverted.

A spokesman for London Luton Airport said in a statement: “Following a power failure in the area this morning, a temporary loss of navigational aids at the airport resulted in some disruption to flights.

“Engineers quickly resolved the issue and operations have returned to normal, although some knock-on delays are likely.

“Absolute Carnage” at Luton Airport

One flier described the scene as “absolute carnage” at the busy British airport, reported the Mirror. Luton Airport canceled as many as 12 flights as a result of the outages. This led to chaos and disappointment for travelers, many of whom haven’t left the UK since the pandemic. Others were simply waiting for family members to arrive safely in the UK.

Sky Scanner showed some flights were being diverted to other airports around the UK- with one even having to land in Paris as a result of the disruption.

The issue was fully resolved later that Sunday, stated Luton Airport staff.

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