Power outages, cold causing Texas pipes to burst

Millions of Texas residents are without power amid frigid temperatures. Now, some must also cope with bursting water pipes – the latest effect of a winter storm that has pummeled much of the U.S. (Feb. 17)

Video Transcript

MATT MARTUCCI: The pipes are freezing, that when the water freezes, it expands PVC pipe that's really old is especially brittle. The new kind of flex tubing, things like that is designed to expand. But like I said, we've got some older houses, some older apartment complexes that were built using PVC 20, 30 years ago.

Talking to the chief, he said that they go from one call, turn the water off, get another call, go turn the water off there. So they've been moving around quite a bit this morning. Normally LFD would go out to a place like this that's had a busted pipeline. And they would get the water out of the building, run the fans, you know, to try and dry the place out.

But, again, in this case, because they have so many calls, they're not able to do that. Yes, it is kind of a cold slap in the face, if you want to call it that, that this is happening. We're doing our best to keep people safe, answering as many calls as we can.