Woman dies after ocygen tank runs out during power outage

A 73-year-old woman attempting to go up the stairs during a power outage in the Bronx has died, police say.

Video Transcript

- --at 9:00, the lights are back on this morning at the large Bronx housing complex nearly a full day after the power went out. Thousands of people live in this sprawling development known as Co-op City. People living in Buildings 1 through 8 were plunged into darkness just after 10:00 yesterday morning.

The outage was traced to an underground transformer fire. The high-rise complex is home to a lot of people who are older. Sadly, a 73-year-old woman died after her oxygen tank emptied while she attempted to walk up to the 19th floor of her building.

ASIA GRAY: The senior citizens, some of them are sick, so I'm just hoping that they are being cared for properly. The heat is out. It's freezing.

- There's no light. There's no water, nothing.

- The identity of that 73-year-old woman who died is being withheld pending family notification.