Power shortages in Zaporizhzhia after Russian attack

Zaporizhzhia lost power after Russian forces attacked the city on the evening of 9 March. Power engineers are dealing with the aftermath of the attack; some households have had their power restored.

Source: Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo, state energy supplier in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Quote: "After occupation forces carried out a new attack on Zaporizhzhia, some households in the [city of Zaporizhzhia] lost power.

Power engineers are currently working to restore the power supply. Nearly a third of the households in Zaporizhzhia that lost power have had it restored."

Details: Earlier, during the air-raid, the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration had urged the residents of the oblast to refrain from sharing any photos or videos so as not to help Russian forces adjust their fire.

Updated: The Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration later added that Russian missiles continued to attack critical infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

There are no casualties from this new attack.

Anatolii Kurtiev, Secretary of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Council, said that a fire broke out in the city of Zaporizhzhia after the Russian attack: "According to preliminary information, two educational establishments sustained damage. Their windows have shattered."

Around 20,000 households lost power. There was no heat and running water in some of the districts."

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