Power slowly returning after 2nd outage in 3 days at NYC buildings

The lights are slowly returning after as many as 10 buildings in the Bronx were in the dark once again Sunday morning.

Video Transcript

- Now back to the breaking news from overnight. Another power outage putting a Bronx neighborhood in the dark once again. The lights off in Co-op City for the second time since Friday. Crews are working hard to try to get that power on. Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco is live there with the details. Diana.

DIANA ROCCO: Mike, good morning. A lot of frustrated residents here this morning, but some good news. Just about an hour ago, the lights started coming on in these buildings behind me after more than six hours in the dark. As many as 10 buildings, for the second time in three days, lost power overnight.

Residents woke up in the dark this morning to cold apartments. Police had been going through the buildings doing wellness checks overnight. There are a lot of elderly that live here, and this after an elderly woman died here on Friday during that first outage due to a transformer fire. This morning, it was just after 2 o'clock where residents started reporting their buildings were dark and the power was out for a second time. Emergency services removed at least one person with an oxygen tank and set up water stations outside the buildings.

Co-op City does have their own power supply. They are not part of Con Edison. This morning, more than 1,500 apartments were affected. But now the power is slowly being returned. That is according to the Co-op City Police Department. Still, overnight the inconvenience left many frustrated.

MITCHELL ROSENBERG: I'm not blaming anybody, but I think that we should be back on the Con Edison grid like the rest of the city. We don't have our own independent, you know, energy source, because when it doesn't work, we're on our own. We cannot get help from Con Ed, and we're at a loss. So I think that's a problem.

DIANA ROCCO: And on Friday, it was a transformer fire that knocked out power to this same cluster of buildings, where 73-year-old Ada Longmore died after that outage. She lived on the 19th floor. Her body was found in a stairwell between the 18th and 19th floor. She had an oxygen tank with her, which was found empty. She had been climbing the stairs to get to her appointment-- apartment, rather-- since there was no power to the elevator. It is still not clear what caused this morning's outage, but Co-op City says they are actively working with authorities to get the problem fixed.