Powerball now has record jackpot of $1.9 billion for Monday’s drawing

The Powerball haul keeps getting bigger.

The jackpot for the massive-money lottery sweepstakes now stands at a record $1.9 billion after a 40th consecutive drawing didn’t result in a grand-prize winner Saturday.

It’s been more than three months since a ticket holder hit the jackpot, which requires a player to match the numbers on five white balls as well as the red Powerball. The previous $206.9 million jackpot went to a winner in Pennsylvania on Aug. 3.

Monday marks the next Powerball drawing, with the odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 292.2 million.

The current jackpot is far and away the biggest in U.S. lottery history, blowing past Powerball’s previous high mark of $1.59 billion, which was split among three winners in 2016.

The biggest grand prize in the separate Mega Millions sweepstakes was $1.54 billion, with a single winner hitting that jackpot in 2018.

A winner in Monday’s drawing at 10:59 p.m. Easter Time would choose between collecting the $1.9 billion jackpot in increments over 29 years or accepting the instant cash prize that’s now valued at $929 million.

Taking home the cash prize is the more common decision among winners of Powerball, which sells tickets for $2 apiece in 45 states.

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