Powerful explosions heard near the occupiers' base in Kherson

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Residents of the city of Kherson reported powerful explosions in the Pivnichnyi district near correctional colony No. 90.

Source: Ukrainian media outlet Most in Kherson;  Russian state-owned news agency TASS

Details: According to the media outlet Most, residents of Kherson report that the explosions blew out windows in several buildings of the correctional colony, as well as in the windows of nearby multi-apartment residential buildings.

There are also reports about the active movement of occupying vehicles in the Pivnichnyi district.

"It is known that the occupiers have set up their base within the territory of correctional colony No. 90, where there was probably an ammunition warehouse. They could have detonated it after an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kherson residents report a massive fire in the industrial zone," the outlet reports.

Residents of the town report that the strike was inflicted on an industrial zone located next to the correctional colony and was captured by the occupiers for purposes of placing their equipment and personnel there. As a result of the strike, according to preliminary information, a lot of Russian equipment and manpower was destroyed.

At the same time, TASS reports on the work of the Air Force in Kherson.

"The Russian Air Force probably launched at least 4 rockets into the sky over Kherson, our correspondent reports. The sounds of explosions can be heard," the Russian agency writes.

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