Powerful statement from Howard students goes viral

Students from the Howard University College of Medicine make a powerful statement about racial profiling in the killing of Travon Martin.

In March, the students of the Howard University College of Medicine made a powerful statement about the killing of Trayvon Martin with the photo shown at the right. Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted in the case, the image’s popularity has started to grow, popping up across the Internet from BuzzFeed to Anorak.

The photo, which shows Howard’s medical students in both hoodies and lab coats, begs the question: “Now, do we look suspicious?”

Students of the historically black university also released a video in March to bring awareness to what they see as racial profiling, which some observers consider to be the principal factor that lead to Martin’s death.

The aftermath of last week’s verdict in the Zimmerman trial, which included nationwide vigils and protests, has brought new relevance to this student-led campaign. And while a jury has rendered its decision on the fate of Zimmerman, many still argue that the larger issues at play in the trial are far from resolved.