PPG stock falls on lower paint demand, CSX shares drop despite earnings beat

Yahoo Finance Live's Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi discuss fourth quarter earnings for PPG and CSX as both stocks continue to dip.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: --talk about PGW real quick because the company is forecasting earnings for the first quarter that missed estimates. Higher operating costs, I mean, we heard this from Sherwin-Williams as well. PPG makes paint also, and other types of chemicals, so sort of a similar situation here.

Fourth quarter numbers missing estimates as well. So just to emphasize here, it's not just in tech that we are seeing some issues here, to be clear. We have been talking about a lot of other companies that are seeing rising costs that are proving challenging for them. And the paint industry is definitely one example of that.

Let's also get a quick check on CSX, the railroad. That company coming out with profit and revenue beating estimates. But the operating ratio, which people-- the efficiency ratio and operating ratio, which folks watch closely at the airlines, did not beat estimates. And so it looks like that is why the shares are trading lower here this morning.

All right, we've got to leave it there. A lot going on here this morning.

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