'Pray for These People': Heavy Tornado Damage Seen in Newnan, Georgia

Residents in Newnan, Georgia, awoke to heavy storm damage on Friday, March 26, following an overnight tornado that lashed the area with dangerous winds.

A preliminary assessment conducted by the National Weather Service recorded damage consistent with an EF-4 rated tornado (the second highest on the EF scale) in Newnan. “Based on damage indicators in our ongoing survey, EF-4 damage indicative of wind speeds up to 170 mph were observed in the hardest hit areas,” the NWS wrote in a tweet.

This footage, taken by Chase T Welch on Friday, shows the extent of damage in Newnan. “One of the eeriest things I’ve ever seen,” said Welch, who was in the area to assist with cleanup efforts. “This is horrible. Y’all pray for these people.” Credit: Chase T Welch via Storyful

Video Transcript


- One of the scariest things I've ever seen.

I'm on a skid-steer.

Loot at this.

Ya'll pray for these people.

People are trapped. We've been helping people get untrapped.

Look at this.


Look, ya'll.

I think this is my street right here.


Look at this. That house is gone.

Let's see. --my street. Look at this.