PRC Hosts Household Chemical Recycling

The Penguins, PPG Paints Arena, and the Pennsylvania Resources Council teamed up to host a hard-to-recycle event outside of the arena.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back. People got a kick-start on spring cleaning this weekend with the help of the Pennsylvania Resources Council.

The group posted their first Household Chemical Collection event today at PPG Paints Arena it was sponsored by PPG and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Organizers say the event helps prevent unwanted materials, like paint and automotive fluid, from ruining the environment.

SARAH SHEA: It's to let people kind of know and understand that some of the stuff that they have in their home, you don't want to be dumping it in your backyard, you don't want to be dumping it down a sewer drain. It's not good for the water supply, it's not good for our ground and our Earth. So it's good to make sure that you're able to dispose of those things responsibly and properly.

- The next event is on May 1 at North Park, but you must register in advance. You can find out how on