Preaching Financial Independence, Uncovering the Success Story of Elena Meluk

This simple quote depicts the importance of financial independence in everyone’s life. Earning money and using it to pay one’s own expenses enables a person to feel confident. They have full control over their lives and can do almost everything they were not able to before. Unfortunately, this feeling of self-empowerment and independence are not equal for both genders.

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Financial independence today is achievable by all. It is true that the female population are now being recognized and appreciated for their work, but the fact this is applicable to only some parts of the world is undeniable too. On a broader perspective, women are still struggling with financial independence around the world. They are still dependent on their families for their survival, due to which they greatly at the hands of their own loved ones. Many organizations and activists raise their voice against this pressing matter and are working hard to permanently remove this barrier from women’s life. Elena Meluk is one personality who is making similar efforts with her focus on influencing young women to become financially independent. Coming from a conservative background, she is aware of the unpleasant feeling of not being financially stable. She is the owner of LashMakers, one of the USA’s leading lash extension company.

Elena Meluk is a woman of purpose and power. This compassionate and resilient 34-year-old being is driven by the passion for educating woman about the importance of self-sufficiency. With her lash extension business, she has provided young women with a platform to develop a skill and make themselves independent.

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Learn, Apply, Excel

Living in the 21st century, one of the harsh truths to swallow is that women are still being suppressed in many parts of the world. One reason for this persisting issue is the inability of women to become financially independent. Being able to support one’s own self increases self-worth. Having money at one’s disposal allows them to take a strong decision and be more confident about situations in their life. And Elena Meluk is a living example.

LashMakers is not restricted to lash artistry, but also trains and educate young individuals to learn this art. Being a woman of substance, Meluk always wanted to see young women own themselves and be powerful. Due to this reason, she began training women. She started teaching others from her living room. As she was a professional and passionate about her work, her students requested more products and classes. She then knew that it was time to share her knowledge with the world and began to offer her expertise to a much larger sector. This led to the launch of her website and a brick-and-mortar studio.

Today, LashMakers has a successful series named Lash Money. The series, comprising only ten episodes, was an instant hit with over 400 participants within 14 days of its launch. The series targets the financial, entrepreneurial, and marketing sides of the lash art industry. Learners are guided by Elena Meluk to make money in this industry regardless of their current skill level. LashMakers is now educating over 400 lash makers annually from all across the globe. To make this venture a success, Meluk works tirelessly to research and promote only the finest in lash care products.

With her training programs and series, Elena is enabling thousands of young women to be independent individuals and have high self-esteem and morale.

All about Elena Meluk

Hailing from Russia and Israel, Elena Meluk did not have much exposure to the industry. She always wanted to do something that would make her self-reliant. When she moved to Miami in 2008, her interest in lashes grew massively. As this was a relatively new field back then, she could sense the potential it had and went for it. Elena single-handedly learned this skill and earned a license as a professional lash artist. During her initial days in the industry, she came across low-quality products, which was a problem for her. This instigated her to launch her own brand with high-quality products. She laid the foundation for LashMakers in 2011.

As an advocate of women empowerment and financial independence, Elena Meluk ensures that the learners gain a deep understanding by sharing her wisdom and what she has learned during the journey. Meluk is counted as one of the top lash educators in the US and offers both private and group training. She specializes in lash education and application, hosting national and worldwide training courses to showcase new trends in the industry. She is also an international judge and speaker for lash competitions and conferences.

Meluk is a prime example of how empowered and strong 21st century women look like. She has created a perfect balance between her personal and professional life whilst influencing and motivating young girls to transition into stronger and much more powerful versions of themselves.