Precision artillery work: National Guard of Ukraine destroy Russian electronic warfare complex

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Ukrainian artillery guards have destroyed an electronic warfare complex belonging to the Russian occupiers in the Kharkiv region.

Source: the press service of the National Guard of Ukraine

Details: [We] Detected an electronic warfare complex and adjusted the fire on it with the help of a drone.

In that way the defenders deprived the Russian occupiers of the opportunity to intercept the Defence Forces of Ukraine and to silence the signal of Ukrainian radio stations.

Quote from National Guard of Ukraine: "This precision damage inflicted on the Russian electronic warfare complex by our fighters is a no less painful blow to the enemy than the loss of manpower or equipment. The occupiers use the electronic warfare complex as a powerful asymmetric tool of war, which allows them to level the technical advantages of the enemy (without effective communication, no modern army can fight).

Every year the Russian Federation spends half a billion dollars on such systems; each of their brigades has an electronic warfare complex. Instead, the Ukrainian military is knocking this electronic sword out of the hands of the despotic barbarians who are terrorising the world in the 21st century."