'He is a predator': Hillsdale man imprisoned for impregnating teen

Lambos is scheduled for a pretrial conference May 1 in the Steuben County Superior Court.

HILLSDALE — “There is nothing that can protect the community from him except incarceration.”

Hillsdale County Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jamie Wiesniewski shed light into a new case for a repeat sex offender Monday morning, Dec. 5, when 22-year-old Gavin Karl Moore appeared for sentencing after pleading guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct on Oct. 17.

Moore was on felony probation for a 2018 attempted second-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction when he raped a 15-year-old girl and impregnated her leading to his latest arrest Sept. 8.

The victim, Wiesniewski said, believed she was in a consensual romantic relationship with Moore despite not being of legal age to give consent and has since given birth to his child.

“He was preying on her,” Wiesniewski said. “He is a predator.”

The victim will be seeking psychological treatment, Wiesniewski said, to begin healing from the ordeal where she was forced to grow up years before she should have.

“I fully deserve whatever it is you’re about to give me,” Moore said Monday when given the chance to speak on his own behalf.

His attorney, Keith Stickley, said Moore is “regretful about the situation he has found himself in.”

Circuit Judge Sara Lisznyai said Moore failed to complete sex offender treatment and violated probation in his 2018 case.

He was facing an additional probation violation Monday for committing a new crime (his latest case), but Wiesniewski said the prosecutor’s office would dismiss the violation given the advisory sentencing guidelines in the new case which recommended 5-8 years in prison.

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Still, Lisznyai terminated Moore’s probation as unsuccessful before turning to sentencing in the latest case where she imposed an 8- to 15-year sentence on the high end of the advisory guidelines.

“We now have a child who is a mother,” Lisznyai said. “I agree with the prosecutor … Mr. Moore is a predator.”

Moore will be transported to the Charles Egeler Guidance and Reception Center in Jackson to be processed into the Michigan Department of Corrections in the near future.

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