Pregnant cat owner tries to record baby kicking, accidentally captures hilariously strange interruption

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A mom-to-be inadvertently captured what it’s like to live with pets, and the hilarious footage is going viral.

TikToker McKenna (@kstarryy) gained over 13 million views, 1 million likes and 11,000 comments when she uploaded the video with a twist ending.

While we’ve seen pets’ antics go viral in the past — like this worried pit bull who cries every time the baby in the family cries — but McKenna’s unscripted kitten moment is cracking people up all across TikTok.

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“I was trying to get a video of my baby kicking, then this happened,” McKenna writes in her her video. “Wait till the end.”

As McKenna films her pregnant belly, patiently waiting for her baby, Paisley, to kick, the video takes a turn when her kitten, Gypsy, suddenly makes an appearance.

At first, it seems Gypsy is just curiously sniffing McKenna’s stomach — when suddenly, her little tongue darts out, and she attempts to lick the inside of McKenna’s belly button.

Shocked, McKenna laughs and brushes the kitten away — which some TikTokers took issue with.

“Be gentle with that cat,” one user admonished in the comments.

Others laughed it off and said the cat was completely fine.

“Y’all obviously have never had a cat… I accidentally SAT on mine yesterday and felt horrible, and she had literally no reaction,” one user shared.

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But most TikTokers simply enjoyed the funny moment and the unpredictability of pets.

“The cat was like, ‘Are you aware that something’s inside you?'” one user laughed.

“Just kissing the baby 🥰,” commented another user.

“Cat was trying to contact your baby about his extended warranty! 😂😂😂😂,” laughed another.

Perhaps Gypsy was just trying to prepare McKenna for motherhood by teaching her that, when it comes to babies — whether it’s a baby human or a baby cat — you should always expect the unexpected.

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