Premature Baby Is Kept Alive In A SANDWICH BAG After Mother’s Silent Labour

A baby born prematurely after his mother went into silent labour was kept alive in a sandwich bag.

This amazing photo shows little Isaac Derwent in the plastic bag before he was moved to an incubator.

His mother Jennifer, 32, from Avonwick, Devon, went into labour when she felt a slight stomach pain while out shopping, which she believed to be innocuous.

But her husband Jonathan, 38, who delivered the couple’s first child at home, took her to hospital because he had a premonition that she was due to give birth.

Isaac was born ten weeks early at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth and weighted just 3lb 11oz. Much to his mother’s confusion, doctors wrapped him in the sandwich bag after he was born.

He has made a full recovery.

“Straight after being born Isaac was put into a plastic bag and the doctors said the idea behind that was to regulate his body temperature,” said his mother.

“It was quite shocking to give birth and then for the first thing to happen is they put your baby in a sandwich bag.

“We do have a picture of him in it, which I am sure we can all laugh about when he gets older.

“But it kept him warm and helped him get better.

“We can’t fault the care we received - the hospital were fantastic with us.

“I was so relieved when I heard him cry - it was an amazing moment.”

Mrs Derwent, a psychology teacher, was out shopping for a toy box when she felt a pain in her stomach.

In 2013, her husband spent 40 minutes delivering their first child before paramedics arrived.

(Pictures: SWNS)

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