Premier League rugby star shows off the pet pig that even went to his wedding

Will Metcalfe
Gloucester Rugby player Callum Braley and wife Abbie Braley with their micro pig Pumba, who lives with them in their house in The Leigh, Nr Gloucester. Also pictured Beau the dalmation dog.

A top rugby player has how own pet PIG – that he walks on a lead, takes to training and even took to his wedding.

Premiership scrum-half Callum Braley lives with the one-year-old micro pig named Pumba.

The hog lives happily alongside two dalmatians named Beau and Brody and has his own Instagram page.

Pumba can eat up to 40 apples a day, loves rifling through kitchen drawers to find treats and was carried around in a handbag as a piglet.

Abbie Braley with micro pig Pumba, and Beau the dalmation dog. (SWNS)

For the past 15 months he has lived a life of luxury with Callum and his wife Abbie in Gloucester.

He wore a bow tie around his neck to be the guest of honour at their wedding and has more than 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Callum, 24, who plays or Gloucester Rugby, said: “He has a deep honk he greets you with and he’s so happy he wags his tail all day long.

“He’s an awesome pet. He’s more loving and happy than I thought he would be. I never realised how much love a pig could have for you.”

Abbie convinced Callum to pay £550 for Pumba in November 2017 and he soon settled into their home.

Pumba the pig can eat up to 40 apples a DAY (SWNS)

Callum said: “He was a bit scared of the dogs at first and they weren’t too sure either. Now they get on extremely well.

“He’s just like them actually, it’s unbelievable.

“He’s fully house trained and will go outside to the toilet for a reward. When he wants to come in he jumps up at the door.

“He’s very intelligent, as he can do plenty of tricks.”

For a few pieces of dried fruit Pumba can sit and stand on command.

Gloucester Rugby player Callum Braley and wife Abbie Braley with their micro pig Pumba, who lives with them in their house in The Leigh, Nr Gloucester. (SWNS)

He sleeps under the stairs and is usually well behaved but collects items from around the house during cold weather to create a warm nest.

“They nest to prepare for winter,” said Abbie.

“Normally it’s with straw or bedding, but at home he found a talent for opening drawers and cupboards.

“The one time he collected a slow cooker, door mat, piano music and other things for his bed, as well as the shredded post.

“We couldn’t be mad as he looked so chuffed with himself.”

Another cheeky trait is trying to pinch the dogs’ blankets and pulling coats from the rack to see if their pockets contain treats.

There was nearly a disaster at Christmas with the tree as Pumba took a fancy to its pine cones.

He is just as happy in the house as he is guzzling apples from the trees outside.
When the weather’s good, he can get through up to 40 in any one sitting.

His tendency to rifle through the kitchen drawers has forced the couple, who are expecting a baby, to put child locks on them.

He is kept entertained with dog toys, including a pig that snorts, plus walks on a lead.

Pumba has been to the hairdressers with Abbie and he has taken a lift to training sessions to surprise Callum’s teammates.

Callum added: “If more people knew about them I’m sure they would have one. He’s so easy to look after. He’s a very sassy pig.

“He happily lives in the house, he doesn’t wallow in mud. He’s more than happy entertaining himself.”