Premiere: Watch Young Dro's "Ugh" Music Video

Justin Charity
"I can dig that." (???)

Just a couple weeks ago, we covered Young Dro's "Ugh" as one of August's top songs. And now, with immaculate timing, Young Dro gives "Ugh" the music video treatment, broadcasting live from Blue Ivory and the parking lot of JJ's Rib Shack in Atlanta, Georgia.

Produced by Zaytoven, "Ugh" assembles one lively piano, a creaky violin, and a loop of what sounds like Justin Timberlake's soprano vocals on "Gone" as the musical backdrop for Drop's uptempo checklist rapping. And while the song, in sum, is a wonderful chaos, the song's subtle, catchiest idiosyncrasy is the titular grunt—ugh!—that bookends each bar of Dro's verses.

The one mystery we've yet to solve is whether Dro is saying "I can dig that" or "I can did that" on the hook. In any case, watch Young Dro's "Ugh" music video above, and then give your best guess in the comments.

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