How you can prep for mowing season

PINE VALLEY, N.Y. (WETM) — People have their shovels and snow blowers for the snow in the winter and mowing season will be here in a couple of months in April.

Even though it is presently winter, it is a good time for lawn equipment to be prepared for cutting grass in the spring.

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“The issue is that most lawn mowers sit out all winter long and after a month or so of sitting they might have bad gas in it, they won’t start,” said Curtis Janowski, sales manager of Nel’s Tractor. “So when you go out April time to get everything running and get everything ready to go, it just won’t start, it won’t go and now you’re behind the ballgame getting everything ready to go.”

Something to consider is having your mower blade sharpened since it can rust in the off season. Having a dull blade is one of many things to check before cutting grass.

“Some of the first things is always check your oil level. Make sure that’s correct. We do suggest every 50 hours changing it and the filter,” said Justin Donaldson, service tech at Nel’s Tractor. “Another thing to check is your blade sharpness. If they’re dull, sharpen them, because that will cause a not so clean cut and it will take longer to cut.”

According to Donaldson, if it rains let the grass dry a day or two after. Otherwise mowing wet grass will clog up the mower deck.

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