Prep And Prime Your Face With These Infallible Must-Haves

The key to a flawless beat, or natural glow, is the right essentials to prep your base. A hydrated, smooth and blurred canvas is pivotal in achieving the best makeup application or simply mastering the art of a natural beat.

Whether you prefer a face that’s set to the gods or light and natural, we got you! Here are some infallible essentials that you need to achieve a flawless base.

Curél Japanese Skincare Deep Moisture Spray


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Hydrated skin is extremely essential to a flawless face – whether you’re sporting makeup or not. Curél makes this super easy to achieve with their Deep Moisture Spray, which is packed with ceramides for intense hydration. And can be used on both the face and body. 

This spray is extremely convenient for use on-the-go, prior to makeup application, and also afterwards. As it brings instant refreshment to the skin.

Ghost Democracy Peptide-Packed Toning Mist

Ghost Democracy’s Peptide-Packed Toning Mist is really an extraordinary product. It’s formulated with a 2.6% peptide blend, 2% blue-green algae extract, 1.5% niacinamide, and .5% hyaluronic acid. Consistent use of this product will reveal “strengthened, firmed, bouncy, even-textured, healthier-looking skin.” And best of all? Not only is it great for use prior to makeup application? But it’s also amazing after. 

Spray this toner on a full face and it will bring an instant burst of hydration for flawless, dewy-looking skin. Grab your bottle for only $36!

Indeed Labs Nanoblur


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The Nanoblur is a “Euphoria” approved essential that allows for a flawless base on days when you just want to show off your natural glow. It instantly blurs the skin for a filter-esque look – minimizing the look of pores, shine, wrinkles, blemishes and even crows feet! 

This product provides high-definition-ready skin by using light-diffusing technology which will leave you feeling like its effects are too good to be true. Don’t believe us? Well, take it from Donni Davi – the “Euphoria” makeup department head- who used this product in almost every episode of the show’s second season. 

Best of all? Indeed Labs has just expanded into Target – both online and instore – making this product available there, in Ulta Beauty, and also on for only $19.99!

Milk Makeup Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer


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Milk Makeup’s Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer is a must-have for the summer months and beyond! Its lightweight water cream formula mattifies skin, blurs pores, and creates a smooth base for flawless makeup application. After eight hours of wear, 97% of users reported that their makeup stayed “locked” in place. And 97% of users also said that their skin looked more smooth. 

A mini size of this product is available for $18. And a full size is available for $36.

NakedPoppy Awaken Eye Cream


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We can’t forget about the eye area when talking about a prepped and primed face. Whether rocking a full face of makeup or not – we want that area to remain smooth, youthful-looking and free of unsightly creases and wrinkles. And NakedPoppy’s Awaken Eye Cream does just that!

It applies super smoothly, delivering a burst of hydration to the eye area which allows any followup products to glide right on! This product is also formulated to be nourishing for the eye area while visibly brightening, depuff-ing and smoothing in one step! Grab a full size for $55 or a mini for $25.