Preparation for Referendum Announced in Melitopol after Visit of Putins Envoy

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Serhii Kyriienko|Volodymir Putin, Getty Images

Serhii Kyriienko, Deputy Head of the Russian President’s Administration, visited the city of Melitopol of Zaporizhzhia oblast which is currently under Russian occupation. Occupation city authorities announce the preparation for the "referendum."

Source: Halyna Danylchenko, the so-called "city mayor", representative of occupation authorities of Melitopol in a video address published by Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency RIA News ( ).

Details: Danylchenko claimed that Kyriienko visited Melitopol with a "working visit" and expressed his gratitude to workers of public utilities, healthcare, education and "administration of the region" for the alleged "peaceful life in the city" and "each city resident’s contribution to building a new life."

Quote: "We, in our turn, are very grateful to Russia for the help and support we get in the process of building this new life. We know that we share our future with Russia. Russia will stay here forever. And we’re starting our preparation for the referendum."

Previously: Serhii Tsekov, the so-called senator of the Federation Council from Crimea claimed that the so-called "referendums" on the ascension to Russia of Donbas, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts can be conducted within a year.