Snow impacts restaurants, bars in NYC

The Tri-State region is getting hit with another round of winter weather, with a mix of snow and rain moving through the area Thursday into Friday.

Video Transcript

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: Winter weather will be impacting our area today. Snow preps are underway right now as that winter storm heads towards the Tristate Area. From New Jersey to New York, crews are hard at work once again. Eyewitness News reporter Candace McCowan is live in Mahwah, New Jersey, with the details for us. Candace.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah, Shirleen. We're here in Mahwah awaiting that snow. And like you said, crews have been out working overnight. Part of their preparations is clearing snow from the previous storms. And that's what we saw happen in Hoboken as they tried to stay ahead of the onslaught of storms.

They have nine plow trucks that are out right now working 12-hour shifts to stay ahead of the build-up. In New Jersey, they are asking people to stay off the roads if you can so that they can clear them.

WILLIAM MONTANEZ: Right now, the biggest challenge we have is dealing with the snow that we have on the ground, and maybe potential 6 to 8 inches on top of that. We haven't had snow like this in the last, I think, six years.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: So the roads across the city, they have been treated. Roadway dining in open streets have been suspended in New York City today due to the storm. But sidewalk dining may continue.

The NTA taking their normal precautionary step of removing those articulated buses from the roadway ahead of today's storms. Also, you should know here in New Jersey, they said that mega-vaccination sites in Burlington, Middlesex, and Morris County, they have been closed for the day because of the weather. Those appointments have been rescheduled.