Prescriptions 'to cost more than £10 in four years'

Price hikes in prescription charges have been dubbed a “tax on health” by a group of charities as figures revealed the cost of a single prescription could be more than £10 in four years.

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LAURA COCKRAM: The prescription charge rise that's coming in today, what it means for people with long-term conditions is that sometimes people will choose between picking up their vital medication that will keep them well or actually eating. So for instance, for a conditions like Parkinson's where you potentially have maybe six or seven medications per day, it becomes a really difficult choice about which prescription you're going to pick up. Or maybe which medication you're going to take to stay well.

We're very worried at the Prescription Charges Coalition that people with long-term conditions are being put off of getting their medication. So we did some research a couple of years ago. And what we found is that a third of people who responded to our survey actually were saying that they were not picking up their medication.

And subsequently, that made them need to actually seek more medical help, whether that was contacting their GP, or maybe in some extraordinary cases, actually go to hospital. We think could have an impact on people with long-term conditions going into hospital, maybe putting increased pressure on the NHS, just when the NHS doesn't really need it.