Preserve At Eisenhower Golf Course Reopening After 2 Year Nature Restoration Project

The Preserve at Eisenhower Golf Course is set to reopen Saturday, May 1 after a two-year renovation and restoration project.

Video Transcript

- All right, Marilyn Golfers have a brand new public course to add to their options starting this weekend.

- Paul Gessler, he's in Anne Arundel County for us, where a lengthy course renovation is now finished.

PAUL GESSLER: For golfers, there are plenty of things about which to be excited when Eisenhower Golf Course reopens to the public Saturday, from tee to green. Whether you get caught in the native fescue for those not quite accurate off the tee, or the resilient beautiful Bermuda grass, all the way to the USGA-regulated green. But this renovation grabs headlines for the rebrand. It's now the Preserve at Eisenhower Golf Course.

ANDREW GREEN: It's an exciting, exciting property.

PAUL GESSLER: You'd be hard-pressed to find a better municipal golf course than what the locals call the Ike.

ANDREW GREEN: You're playing across these wonderful natural habitats that we've been very cautious in preserving.

PAUL GESSLER: Course architect Andrew Green says the renovation took a year. Environmental restoration, another nine months. All to get it in playing shape this weekend.

DAMIAN COSBY: There's a lot of surface drainage where we're trying to get the water off the property and into the stream.

PAUL GESSLER: Which is why you see so many elevation changes.

- Reduce irrigation water, reduce fertilizers.

PAUL GESSLER: Eisenhower closed in the fall of 2018, stream preservation among the key goals in the friendly redesign. The course also retained its Audubon Cooperative sanctuary status. More than 20 bird houses are being reinstalled.

- Any wildlife, birds, deer, they have different areas to travel through.

PAUL GESSLER: The $5 million project follows the county's purchase of the property using open space funds.

- Which actually are going to make this green space in perpetuity. So it can never be developed.

- Golf is a game where you play through nature, and this is a great example of that.

PAUL GESSLER: The Preserve at Eisenhower Golf Course officially reopens after 2 and 1/2 years Saturday, May 1. In Crownsville, I'm Paul Gessler for WJZ.