Preserving your memories: Aiken Art and Custom Framing offers options

Apr. 7—As many area residents have rented their homes for Masters week, Tim Conway with Aiken Art & Custom Framing helps people add fresh art to their homes.

This is a busy time of year for the business as they help people freshen up their homes and take care of their memorabilia.

"We have a lot of corporations that are gearing up for Masters week," he said. "We do a lot of industrial framing for a lot of clients where they're bringing their guests into town. We have one client where we frame up their daily badge and a group photo and that's their memento that goes back to them. "

Conway said customers will bring in all kinds of memorabilia from the Masters Tournament to have framed including posters, badges and Augusta National flags.

" We've been working with a gentleman that's over in Augusta starting a new business and we've been framing up a lot for him," Conway said. "You just never know what's going to walk in the door."

In addition to framing Masters memorabilia, Aiken Art & Custom Framing also frames other types of sports memorabilia, including signed jerseys as well as photos and any other items that a customer wants.

"There's never a dull moment here and you never know what's going to walk in the door," Conway said. "With COVID being here one of the big things we were doing was puzzles. We framed 30 or 40 different puzzles for people sitting at home having nothing to do... they decided this was a great piece of art."

Aiken Art & Custom Framing has been in Aiken for 17 years and was started after Conway had a photography business for over 30 years.

"We quickly saw with the advent of digital photography our business was going to be encroached, so I had a friend that was retiring out of the framing business. I said, 'Hey look, could you help us start one?' He did it where it was very affordable and that's how we started over here," Conway said.

Conway said to help keep the framing affordable, the business has large quantities of molding in stock and 3,500 wall samples.

"We want people to be able to find the right frame for their pictures," he said. "That's why we have to have a large variety. Everything is built here in the shop. We don't send anything out. Everything is real wood. I'm a fanatical person about quality control, so we take extra steps to make sure everything is done the best."

Besides framing, Conway said the business also does digital art and printing, which is very popular at the moment.

"We have all these artists that, they do a lot of watercolor work and they think they need to make copies of it," Conway said. "Well how do they do it? Everybody thinks, 'Oh we're going to run to Kinko's or Staples,' we ended up putting in a 24-inch flatbed scanner and a 44-inch Epson printer. So we're able to handle all of that now. That's been a big boon."

Aiken Art & Custom Framing is located at 226 Park Ave. S.E. For more information, visit, or call 803-644-7411.