President Biden Hitting The Road For National Tour About COVID Relief Bill

CBS4's Christina Ruffini reports from the White House.

Video Transcript

- President Joe Biden is spending the weekend at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. Meanwhile, many Americans are spending the next couple of days checking their mailboxes and their bank accounts. "CBS 4's" Christina Ruffini joins us with the latest from Washington.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: Now that the checks are going out, President Biden says he is too.

JOE BIDEN: We're going to be traveling the country to speak directly to the American people about how this law is going to make a real difference in their lives and how help is here for them.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: Next week, the president, first lady, vice president, and second gentleman will fan out across the country from Nevada to New Jersey to explain to Americans what exactly their $1.9 trillion bought.

JEN PSAKI: This is important to the president personally, having a conversation directly with people about how they can benefit, addressing questions they have.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: It's a lesson learned from the first term of the Obama administration, when the White House missed the messaging on major legislation like health care and the auto bailout, and Democrats lost the House in the midterms. This time, they want to make sure Americans like Mariano Ramirez-Gaston know how they got their checks.

MARIANO RAMIREZ-GASTON: It said, $1,400. I was like, what? I was, like, totally like-- by surprise because I was thinking, I'm not gonna get it.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: A bartender out of work since the start of the pandemic, he says the money buys him some breathing room.

MARIANO RAMIREZ-GASTON: I can use this lump sum for, like-- pay the bills here and like, you know, not worry about it for, like, a couple of months.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: It's not a permanent fix.

MARIANO RAMIREZ-GASTON: Oh, no, not at all, not at all.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: Would you rather be back at work?

MARIANO RAMIREZ-GASTON: Yeah. I miss people, basically.

CHRISTINA RUFFINI: Now unlike previous rounds of stimulus checks, these will not have the president's name in the memo line. The White House says that's because it could have risked delaying the printing, and they wanted to get the money out as quickly as possible. Christina Ruffini, "CBS News," the White House.