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President Biden, Other World Leaders Meet At G7 & Discuss COVID-19

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CBS4's Skyler Henry reports on how President Joe Biden attends his first G7 summit.

Video Transcript

- To the Biden presidency. President Joe Biden is attending his first G7 summit in Cornwall, England, where the main topic of discussion continues to be the coronavirus pandemic.

- The group is made up of seven of the world's top democracies. The US, the UK, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, and Japan. CBS 4's Skylar Henry reports from the White House.

SKYLER HENRY: G7 leaders and their spouses wrap day one of this year's summit with a dinner hosted by the British Royal Family.

- The global health emergency has shown us what a truly borderless crisis looks like.

SKYLER HENRY: The three day meeting marks the first time the leaders of these countries have seen each other face to face since before the pandemic, which was at the top of their agenda.

BORIS JOHNSON: We need to make sure that as we recover. We level up across our societies and we build back better.

SKYLER HENRY: Demonstrator's set afloat blimps depicting President Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In a plea to get more COVID vaccines to poor nations, the G7 pledged to donate more than $1 billion vaccines by the end of next summer with half coming from the US. The group will also discuss climate change, and the post pandemic economic recovery.

BORIS JOHNSON: There is the potential to generate many, many millions of high wage, high skill jobs.

SKYLER HENRY: The president is also preparing for next week's NATO Summit where he'll continue to shore up US alliances before Wednesday sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland.

- Mr President, what's your message to Putin?

JOE BIDEN: [INAUDIBLE] deliver it.

SKYLER HENRY: While the president attended meetings, first lady Jill Biden visited a local school with the Duchess of Cambridge.

JILL BIDEN: The children who were so inspiring and so well behaved.

SKYLER HENRY: On Sunday, President Biden will meet one on one with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The White House notes the two met once before in 1982 when Mr Biden was a US Senator. Skyler Henry, CBS News, the White House.