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President Biden Sets Goal To Have 70% Of Adults Vaccinated By July 4

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WBZ-TV's Kristina Re reports.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: It could save your life or the lives of people you love.

- President Biden unveiling the next phase in the push to vaccinate the nation. The president is hoping that 70% of adults will have at least one dose by the Fourth of July. The hope is that that number of people would get the US to some degree of herd immunity for the summer months. And that plan is contingent on getting those who are hesitant to get the shot to get vaccinated. As Kristina Rex shows us, federal vaccination sites will soon welcome walk-ins.

KRISTINA REX: As vaccine interest starts to dip nationwide, the strategy now is to bring the vaccine to people who might be hesitant to get it. Here in Revere, that means a month of mobile clinics at popular locations.

JOE BIDEN: We're going to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated.

KRISTINA REX: The national focus on vaccines is shifting, to getting kids vaccinated if and when a shot is approved for children, to making vaccines more convenient, through walk-in appointments and mobile clinics, into boosting vaccine confidence.

LAUREN BUCK: For the month of May, we really wanted to bring the vaccine to where people are.

KRISTINA REX: They're calling it Mobile May here in Revere. A series of pop-up clinics at popular spots, like houses of worship and shopping centers.

LAUREN BUCK: We've done the easy work of getting everyone a vaccine who was really willing and excited and engaged. And now it's the hard work of reaching the rest of the population.

KRISTINA REX: That's true for the state and country. Mass vaccination sites are starting to close in favor of smaller centers. And President Biden directed pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens to accept walk-ins, so people can get shots at their convenience. Nearly 50 Walmarts here in Massachusetts just started walk-ins this week.

TYLER PATTERSON: 90% of the population lives within 10 minutes of a Walmart. So by allowing those walk-in appointments in Massachusetts and across the country, we're really opening it up to so many more people.

KRISTINA REX: The next milestone: President Biden wants 70% of American adults to have at least one shot by July 4. As of May 4, 56% of American adults have one dose, and 41% are fully vaccinated. Here in Massachusetts, those numbers are higher, with 68% of adults with one dose and 47% fully vaccinated. In a speech Tuesday, the president pleaded for people to get a shot.

JOE BIDEN: Look at the folks in your community who've gotten vaccinated and are getting back to living their lives, their full lives. Look at the grandparents united with their grandchildren. Friends getting together again. This is your choice.

KRISTINA REX: The FDA is expected to approve the Pfizer vaccine for use in kids ages 12 and up sometime early next week. And President Biden says when that happens, he'll encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated as soon as possible. In Revere, Kristina Rex, WBZ News.