President Donald Trump signs order that might lead to military academy athletes going pro sooner

President Donald Trump wants military athletes to get to the pros sooner. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Donald Trump believes athletes at military academies should be allowed to go pro sooner. Trump signed an order Wednesday, asking the Pentagon to come up with a new plan that would allow just that, according to the Associated Press.

Under the current policy — which was passed by the Trump administration in 2017 — athletes at military academies have to serve two years of active duty before they can play professional sports.

Trump wants to alter that proposal — allowing military academy athletes to play professional sports immediately after graduating — because he feels athletes only have a short time to “take advantage of their athletic talents during which playing professional sports is realistically possible.”

The shift in ideology may have been spurred by Army football’s visit to the White House in May. At the event, Trump remarked he would “look at doing a waiver for service academy athletes who can get into the major leagues, like the NFL, hockey, baseball. They’ll serve their time after they’re finished with professional sports.”

One player affected by the policy was Jalen Robinette, a wide receiver from Air Force who was considered a likely NFL draft choice in 2017.

Trump has given the defense secretary 120 days to come up with a new plan.


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