President, first lady receive gifts from Congress

After they were sworn in, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris accepted gifts from key members of Congress at the U.S. Capitol. (Jan. 21)

Video Transcript

ROY BLUNT: The artist, Robert Seldon Duncanson, he was the best known African-American painter in the years surrounding the Civil War. He was based in Cincinnati, encouraged by abolitionists to, among other things, sponsored a trip for him to do some study in Europe.

AMY KLOBUCHAR: On behalf of the American people, it is our honor to present these custom made crystal vases commemorating your historic inauguration. Lenox, which you know is a great company, American company, has handcrafted these gifts for the past nine presidential inaugurations.

MITCH MCCONNELL: It's my honor and privilege to present these flags of our nation that were flown over today's event here at the Capitol. And today, this flag flew over our former colleagues' inauguration as the very first female vice president of the United States. So to our very distinguished former colleague, Madam Vice President, please accept this flag with the highest compliments and congratulations of the United States Senate.

NANCY PELOSI: But I have the privilege of giving the flag to the President of the United States, the flag that was flown when you were sworn in, Mr. President.

KEVIN MCCARTHY: With modern technology, just a few minutes ago, it captured in these pictures. History in the making for all the world to see.

STENY HOYER: Two victories won. That's what your speech was about, and that's why we are so proud and ready to March with you, President Biden. God bless.