President Joe Biden's visit to Houston may cause traffic delays

HPD Chief Art Acevedo said that drivers should expect intermittent traffic delays into the evening commute

Video Transcript

- So with the Bidens and other dignitaries here throughout. Rush hour, you can expect some traffic delays.

- Yeah. Elissa Rivas is here to tell us what to pay attention to today.

ELISSA RIVAS: Absolutely. Look for these motorcades to move along our interstates. As we mentioned, NRG, the Houston Food Bank ending at Ellington field later this evening closer to the 6 to 7 o'clock hour. So throughout the afternoon rush, especially Gulf Freeway, right in the thick of rush hour, you might see the motorcade. And you'll see traffic stops.

So just account for that if you're moving along through your neighborhood passing through some of these areas because, of course, you won't know exactly when. And of course, we don't know the exact route. All of that is for safety and security of the traveling motorcade. But you will want to kind of build some extra time in if you're in and out of the neighborhoods right around these big locations.