President Trump Rallies Supporters In Butler

With three days to go until Election Day, President Donald Trump made his stop to rally supporters in Butler County. KDKA's Shelby Cassesse was in attendance to hear what the president had to say.

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: We've got to do the same thing we did four years ago. And I have a feeling-- look at this. I have feeling we're gonna do it.

PAUL MARTINO: Big night on the campaign trail. Just three days until the election, President Trump focusing on Pennsylvania. Barnstorming across the state with four campaign rallies, including this one here in Butler County. This was the scene this afternoon. Pittsburgh international. Air Force One touching down, then the president boarded Marine One for a quick helicopter flight to Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport.

Good evening, everyone. I'm Paul Martino. The president focused on his achievements of the past four years, telling supporters how he's helped, and will continue to help, Pennsylvanians. Our Shelby Cassesse was there. She's got more on the president's message tonight.

SHELBY CASSESSE: The economy and industry, a major focus for the president here in front of thousands of his supporters. The Trump campaign as a whole hitting Pennsylvania hard in the final days leading up to the election.

DONALD TRUMP: And hello, Butler. Butler.

SHELBY CASSESSE: As President Trump addressed his supporters at the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport Saturday, the importance of Pennsylvania in this election was front and center.

DONALD TRUMP: We win Pennsylvania, we win it all. You know that, right? We win Pennsylvania, we win it all.

SHELBY CASSESSE: The president continued to promise his support for the oil and gas industry, along with manufacturing. What he feels is a stark contrast from his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, though Biden insists he does not want to ban fracking.

DONALD TRUMP: But Pennsylvania oil and natural gas supports nearly one million Pennsylvania jobs. So when sleepy Joe heard that he said, yeah, of course I like fracking. But it's not going to happen.

SHELBY CASSESSE: Along with industry, the president also touted his economic contributions.

DONALD TRUMP: While foreign nations are in a total freefall, we're creating the world's greatest economic powerhouse.

SHELBY CASSESSE: Several local Republicans received an endorsement from the president, including US congressional candidate, Sean Parnell, and Representative Mike Kelly. College football coaching great, Lou Holtz, was called on stage and shared his support.

LOU HOLTZ: Think what would've happened if President Trump hadn't shown up in the year 2016, and what he has done for this country, and how great.

SHELBY CASSESSE: This is the third of four stops for the president in Pennsylvania today. More stops in Pennsylvania for the Trump campaign and Biden's campaign are scheduled over the next three days. Reporting in Butler, Shelby Cassesse, KDKA News.