President's Office predicts Russia will start blackmailing Europe with gas with the onset of cold weather

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The Head of the Office of the President, Andrii Yermak, is convinced that with the onset of the cold weather, the Russian authorities will begin to put pressure on Ukraine's European partners due to the shutdown of gas supplies.

Source: Yermak on his Telegram channel

Quote from Yermak: "It cannot be ruled out that on top of the food crisis, Russia will start blackmailing Europe with its gas supply once the cold weather returns.

Given that the Kremlin now wants to trade the lifting of the blockade of Ukrainian ports for the lifting of sanctions, we can understand Moscow's ultimate goal.

Right now, it is important to demonstrate the strength and unity of the Western world."

Details: Yermak called on European partners to maintain unity in supporting Ukraine and to quickly and unhesitatingly adopt the next package of sanctions against Russia.

First of all, he listed the customs duties and embargoes on Russian oil, sanctions against the banking system of the Russian Federation, and secondary sanctions on countries and companies that want to cooperate with the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, Ukraine expects to receive the necessary types of weapons and financial support.


  •   The EU leadership is developing an action plan in case of a complete shutdown of gas supplies from Russia. In addition, the EU is working on deals with Israel and Egypt to reduce dependence on Russian gas.

  •   The Kremlin accuses Poland of madness for its refusal to pay for Russian gas in rubles, and thereby terminating the contract.

  •   Vice-President Frans Timmermans of the European Commission is convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not dare to turn off the gas to most European countries, especially Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Italy.

  •   On 21 May, Russia stopped gas supplies to Finland, because the Finnish government refused to pay its obligations under the contract in rubles.

  •   According to some experts, this year Russia may receive more than 100 billion euros from EU countries under contracts for the sale of gas.