Pressure mounts on Prince Andrew to talk to FBI about Epstein


London — The fallout from Prince Andrew's controversial TV interview about his friendship with convicted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein was still intensifying on Thursday morning, five days after it aired. On Wednesday the prince made the stunning announcement that he was , saying they were either reviewing or severing ties with the royal.

Andrew's retreat from public life has raised questions about how he'll fund his royal lifestyle.

"I think he won't have to leave his royal residence. This is the queen's son we're talking about," Seward told CBS News. But she said his annual "allowance" — about $300,000 — "will probably go," as the prince's official office would likely be moved out of Buckingham Palace.

Questions continue to swirl around Prince Andrew's relationship with Virginia Roberts Guiffre, the woman seen in a photograph with him when she was just 17. Roberts Guiffre says she was forced to have sex with the prince at least three times, all at properties owned by Epstein.

Virginia Giuffre's attorney Sigrid McCawley said in a statement on Thursday that Prince Andrew's relationship with Epstein was only "half of the real story."

McCawley did not explicitly call for Andrew to speak to U.S. law enforcement, but noted that he "clearly had a long term relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell," a woman whom she said was "suspected of being Epstein's co-conspirator and chiefly involved in the devastation brought upon countless women's lives."  

In Prince Andrew's statement announcing his withdrawal from public duties, he said he would cooperate with law enforcement officials, "if required."

"I think he will have to be interviewed by the FBI and it won't be laid to rest until we know the truth," predicted Seward.

CBS News has learned that while the prince will no longer receive the publicly-funded annual allowance he has enjoyed for years, he will continue to get a private allowance from the queen, and will still attend official royal events. 

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