Preview: CBSN Originals | Do We Still Need the Electoral College?

"This documentary in the ""Speaking Frankly"" series explores whether the Electoral College helps or hurts American democracy. Watch the full story at"

Video Transcript

- An original documentary on CBSN.

- The electoral college sets up a system where every vote is not equal.

- The electoral college serves a purpose, and is valuable.

- Electoral votes, or the popular vote?

- It would be more purely democratic if we got rid of the electoral college. But sometimes, simple democracy is not the best idea.

JOE LIEBERMAN: When people on both sides feel that the system is rigged, it divides us.

- 538 people elect the president. That violates our principles of democratic [? governing. ?]

JOE LIEBERMAN: The electoral college made George Bush an illegitimate president from the beginning. It's a terrible disease on American democracy.

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