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Preview Show: Strong showing for Hendrick Motorsports at Dover?

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NASCAR.com's Jonathan Merryman and Alex Weaver preview Sunday's NASCAR Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway.

Video Transcript

ALEX WEAVER: Hey race fans, welcome to the preview show. I'm Alex Weaver and that's Jonathan Merryman, and we're heading to take on Miles the Monster Dover International Speedway, a little bit of a tricky track and guess what, the winner from Darlington MTJ starts on the pole. What's going to happen at the Monster Mile?

JONATHAN MERRYMAN: It's one of his 36 home tracks on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit. Look, Martin Truex Jr. first win came at Dover, it is a track close to where he grew up, so he feels at home there. He's starting from the pole so-- if he gets out front, he could stay there all race. It could be another one of those clean sweep win stages, but a guy he's going to have to deal with I think is Kyle Larson. Kyle Larson is also really good there, they went one-two last week at Darlington, wouldn't be surprised if the roles were reversed this weekend.

ALEX WEAVER: Well let's talk about Hendrick Motorsports as a whole. You bring up the five of Kyle Larson, there is no JJ, no Jimmie Johnson to take on Dover, one of the best to ever do it. But I have to think that the rest of HMS is going to look pretty strong on Sunday.

JONATHAN MERRYMAN: Yeah I think Bowman will be pretty good, I don't think he's going to come out and set the world on fire there. Chase Elliott I think the nine team's missing something, but we know they can be really good at Dover. He's won a race there. William Byron running that string of top 10 finishes with him and Rudy Fugle so I think that could possibly continue, but if you're going anybody in Hendrick Motorsports camp it's got to be the five of Kyle Larson. He's in the best car he's ever been in, and he is really, really good at Dover.

ALEX WEAVER: Imagine, Kyle Larson the dirt racer is really comfortable on bumps, never would have thought it. OK, let's get your fantasy lock picks for Sunday's race.

JONATHAN MERRYMAN: So obviously, all this hype around Kyle Larson I'm doing. I'm going to go with the five. I do think that there will be a couple other power players, I think it'll be a good weekend for Martin Truex Jr. as well, and could possibly be a chance for Denny Hamlin to get on the board. But my lock is Kyle Larson.

ALEX WEAVER: Follow up question, Willie B, does he continue that top 10 streak.

JONATHAN MERRYMAN: It's got to end somewhere, I think it might end at COTA. I think he gets another one at Dover though. Him and Rudy Fugle really got to put together right now.

ALEX WEAVER: All right well I am going to agree with you, I just, write this date down in history. It only happens a few times a year, I'm going with the five of Kyle Larson too, I'm also going to keep my eye on the nine and Chase Elliot, but I'm looking at the five to dominate.

JONATHAN MERRYMAN: Yep, and don't forget to play jackpot races. Pick your segment winners and might win $25,000.

ALEX WEAVER: All right, well it's time to battle Miles the Monster, and it's a tricky track up there at Dover, so make sure and tune in Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern on FS1.