Primetime Ballers - NO/SEA

Yahoo Daily Fantasy analyst Tank Williams offers his picks for single-game DFS contests as the Seahawks host the Saints

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Holler. It's time for our week 7 prime time ballers. Now on our Sunday Night Football game, I had my little script together. But as you heard, it's raining like a Lil Wayne concert up in here-- well, actually Lil Wayne after the concert.

Like, they had cars parked on one side of the road and all that, so I'm off script right now. Like, it's raining like crazy. So you're gonna understand why I'm giving you this little preface before I get into it.

So my first guy that I'm going with is Elijah Mitchell, which is a smart play because that Indianapolis defense is really tough against the run. But I already felt like Shanahan was gonna be stubborn with the run. But especially with the elements right now, he's really going to have to be in. Eli seemed like he was the guy before the bye against Arizona, so I feel like he's gonna be a solid play today.

On the flip side, we got Jonathan Taylor, another guy who should be heavily used in this match-up when we're playing in this damn monsoon out here in the California weather. Because obviously I don't know what my man was thinking last week when he only got two carries in the first half and then came back and then gave the Houston Texans the binkies with two tubs, I believe, in that long run.

But now you're going against the San Francisco 49ers, wet conditions. Carson Wentz is already kind of-- hey, I know y'all were saying he's kind of coming on. But in that wet condition too, like eh, Jonathan Taylor's going to be the guy. So I really like what you get out of him at that really cheap price for him for $29.

And now my superstar player was my man, Deebo Samuel. Because I thought the condition was gonna be nice. I felt like Jimmy G could have himself a typical Jimmy G game where Shanahan tries to protect him. They throw the ball enough for Deebo to get off. But then that's it because, you know, this could be the perfect game for the man that I will not say his name.

But because the elements are bad, and he still hasn't proven that I can say his name on this show or just in life, I'm gonna continue to do not reference him by his name but just say that guy until he allows me to say that guy's name. But Deebo Samuel's gonna be your superstar.

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